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This is a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content, speakers, and sharing my experiences. By doing this, I want to let the community members in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially an opportunity to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge. Open this tag to check out this series.


Being part of the last 6 SAP Community events across India over the past year, I am constantly amazed to see the interest of community members in attending these events to learn, network, and share their knowledge. This can be clearly seen with our recent “Largest SAP Inside Track” that we organized in Bengaluru, India, with over 1000+ attendees, 55 sessions & 85 speakers. What’s more interesting is that nearly half of the sessions are centered around SAP BTP, which is also true in the case of our recent SAP Inside Track Hyderabad case. As a part of the team that focuses on SAP BTP adoption, looking at this fills me with much joy and satisfaction. Of course, not all the people that attend these events are very family with SAP BTP, but at least they get enabled on some of these topics before they leave the venue.

A New Series is born

With this in mind, I want to start a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content & the speakers, and share my experiences. By doing this, I want to let other folks in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge.

SAP Inside Track Hyderabad: Recap

To kickstart the series, I will start with the recent SAP Inside Track Hyderabad, organized by ruthvik.chowdary2  & poonam.singh01 with the support of many other volunteers like Kavyasri Sreeram, and srinibhumireddy, just to name a few. I played a small role in the content curation team, focusing on SAP BTP-related topics, and also shared my knowledge of being an organizer at the last few community events. But this is all pre-event, but what I enjoyed the most was being a Speaker & an Attendee at the event.

Sessions from SAP

As a speaker, I presented on “SAP Multi-cloud Strategy and Reference Architectures with Hyperscalers” about SAP’s Multi-cloud strategy, architecture guiding principles, and some of the reference architectures that we have developed, which combine SAP BTP & Hyperscalers services to build the applications with the best user experience. You can find my slides at this link. We also have a git repository with these architectures that you can find here. I had interesting discussions with a few customers and partners about this topic. For instance, I discussed the Multi-region High availability concept with Henkel and other customers, one w.r.t reducing the geographical latency and the other about the High Availability. You can find more about this at this Discovery Center mission.
Presentation: SAP MultiCloud Strategy.pdf

In addition, my colleague praveenpadegal organized the hands-on session on the use case "Enable Category Management with GoogleBigQuery and SAPDatasphere". We had some interesting discussions there as well, and some were able to complete the hands-on; few wanted to see the demo and understand how it works end-to-end. If you want to check this out, open this Discovery Center mission.

Mindset Consulting: Leading the Way in the SAP BTP Community Enablement

From our Customers & Partners, Mindset Consulting has consistently been the first to propose a session at any community event, not just one, but multiple sessions. Notably, they have sponsored 3 SAP Community events in India this year alone, including this SIT Hyderabad. At this event, they presented sessions on “Developing backend functions with Low Code No Code Tools” by Navaneetha Nalamada & Naveen Punna. They covered SAP Build and specifically on Visual cloud functions, with a cool demo.
SIT HYD - SAP Build Visual Cloud Functions .pdf

Another session from Mindse, titled “SAP BTP Mobile Services Overview” by Harikrishna Anantha & Abhimanyu Das. They covered SAP Mobile services and different ways to develop mobile apps with SAP BTP, followed by another cool demo of an application developed using SAP MDK.
SAP BTP Mobile Services_SIT HYD - Slide Deck.pdf

Rise with SAP on AWS

Ajay Kande from AWS gave an interesting session on “RISE with SAP on AWS”. He began with the history of SAP & AWS partnerships and emphasized how AWS offers the robust infrastructure for SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP. Additionally, He touched upon the synergistic relationship between SAP and AWS, showcasing their unique range of services and how they complement each other.

Integration Suite from Customer Perspectives

There are two sessions at this event on SAP Integration Suite from customers. The first one, “Accelerate Interface Journey using SAP Cloud Migration,” is presented by naresh.dasika11  & oswalpunith from GE - FieldCore. They showcased their successful journey of migrating from SAP PI/PO to SAP BTP Integration Suite by discussing their challenges and mitigations. Really a cool session and will be super beneficial for those migrating from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite.
SIT HYD - Accelerate Interface journey using SAP Cloud Migration - GE FieldCore.pdf

The second one is from azmathip, from Himalaya, about the SAP BTP Integration Suite, where he highlighted the implementation challenges, the Hybrid landscape, and some of the use cases. One fascinating use case is about the integration with the Tax Authority of India.
SAP BTP Integration Suite overview and real-world scenarios .pdf

From SAP IRPA to SAP Build Process Automation

Fathima Shaik, working for Hitachi Vantara, presented a session on SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. She provided a quick overview of SAP IRPA, followed by an interesting take on how it can help in Audit, Compliance and Fraud Detection. Additionally, she also shared information on how to migrate from SAP IRPA to SAP Build Process automation.
SIT HYD - SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation -Audit.pdf

kumarranj2 gave an interesting session on Situation Handling in SAP S/4HANA Cloud with a demo and insights into configuring custom situations. Refer the below document for more information.

Situation Handling in SAP S/4HANA.pdf


I would like to thank pvn.pavankumar for inspiring me to start this series. That’s all from my side folks. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this series and any suggestions to include to make this better. Also, don't forget to join the local region-based groups by using the below link to learn about any upcoming events.


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