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Few years back when I started with my SAP IS-U/BW support project, I had to go through the process of learning on how the extraction takes place from SAP source system for special extractors such as Sales Simulation and how the delta queue is updated.

I had to go through many posts and reach my seniors on how to perform the data extraction.I have tried to share the points gathered and lessons learnt from my experience below.

IS-U Mass Simulation for Billing – 0UC_SALES_SIMU_01:

Sales Simulation or Unbilled Revenue is the standard industry specific solution for an Utility company.

  • The logic implemented by SAP for actual bill is applicable to simulation as well.

  • Simulation or Unbilled can be based on below :

    • Previous month consumption

    • Same month on the previous year (customer should have 1 year Billing history for this approach). During season change there will be variation or difference in the consumption. It is left to Billing consultant and client on which approach they need to follow so accordingly change in Billing schema.

  • Simulation type says for which data source the results needs to be passed to.

  • Simulation happens end of each month.

  • BIW_ISU_ESTA_SIM is the extract structure

  • ISU_BW_SIM_SALES_STATS_DUMMY is the Function Module

    • Data source 0UC_SALES_SIMU_01 uses dummy function module to extract the data into BW from delta queue. No need to write any code to bring the data.

    • Delta is generated by mass simulation run.

  • Delta mechanism - Only New Records (Inserts) Via Delta Queue

Steps to extract Sales Simulation data to BW:


  1. SPRO - SAP Reference IMGDefine a Mass Simulation Type Define a BW Datasource

  2. Define Simulation Periods (EAMS20) Click Save. Note: Simulation Run Status -- First Create Indexes.

  3. Create Simulation Indexes (EAMS10) - Enter Period ID from Prior Step, Pass the MRU

    Execute (Background if Necessary)Message at End of Program

  4. Return to Define Simulation Period (EAMS20) - Change the Run Status to BillClick Save.

  5. Execute Parallel Processing Bill Simulation of Indexes (EAMS01)

    Enter Date and ID and Simulation ID Click Save.

    Go to Technical Settings

    Create (Select Clock) Unbilled Variant for Number of Intervals to 10Click ExecuteSelect UNBILLED for the Variant

    Schedule Program Run - Now.Job Complete

  6. RSA7 – Delta queue for 0UC_SALES_SIMU_01 is filled.
    Data Extraction to BW

  1. Trigger the Delta load in BW to extract the records.

  2. Load data from PSA to further data targets in BW.

Results of Mass Simulation - Unbilled Revenue

  • Statistics for Simulation Index (EAMS12)

  • Monitor for Mass Simulation (EAMS11)



This post will be helpful for BW consultants who are new to SAP ISU and would have to perform Sales Simulation Extraction.
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