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For anyone out there, wishing to install and explore the EPM Demo on B4/HANA, take a quick look below

This pertains to the SAP B4/HANA 1.0 [Developer Edition] in the SAP CAL

I have not had a chance yet to test on other versions

FYI: This story does not have a happy ending :sad:

In short, I found 4 missing InfoObjects that will fail the complete activation, and give errors

If you get to the end in your efforts, and can find a way around, do let me know

What's in the box


Neon with BW Tools v1.15.2

Active InfoAreas

Active DataSources


no BWDEVELOPER user, have to use user DEVELOPER

In eclipse use the Project "BW_A4H_001_developer_en_1"

no RSA1 - Modelling option, have to use Eclipse


License will run out after three months, and can be extended through the usual way

Example of transaction no longer support - RSD1


RSOR - BI Content

Choose Source System, and continue to find 0EPM_CONT_DELV - currently installed (not activated)

When collected for installing you may see the following immediate errors

This is due to the following InfoObjects not existing anywhere in the system





They are required for some other 0EPM_CONT_DELV InfoObjects

"install", without need to change any further options

4 minutes later

Errors have occurred

New InfoAreas, i.e. 0EPM_CONT_DELV, under 0BWTCT, now visible in Eclipse

Under Key Figures, see the outcome of the missing InfoObjects

Amongst the objects which erred is Key Figures 0EPM_GAMT. It depends upon one of the missing InfoObjects, 0D_NW_PCURR, and is why the error occurred

The next task is to create new custom InfoObjects, for substitution the missing ones.

ZDNWPCURR will replace 0D_NW_PCURR Order Currency

ZDNWPUNI will replace 0D_NW_PUNI Order Unit

ZDNWPCUR will replace 0D_NW_PRCUR Product Currency

ZDNWSTUNI will replace 0D_NW_STUNI Standard Unit of Measure

In Eclipse, create a new InfoArea to organize custom objects

r/click over the BW Repository InfoArea area, and choose, New -> InfoArea, and create

r/click over the new InfoArea, and choose New -> InfoObject… and create

Create InfoObject Unit ZDNWPCURR and Activate

IMPORTANT, due to a bug, try this

In BW, navigate to RSOSM – “Use BW Search on SAP HANA”, enter the InfoObject name, and execute the search.

If nothing is found, perform these steps.

In Eclipse, under the InfoObjects Dictionary area, change the Unit Type from the existing “Currency” to “Unit”, Activate, and back to “Currency”, and Activate.

In BW, perform the search again, and it should be found.

Continue on with the remaining InfoObjects

Create InfoObject Unit ZDNWPUNI and Activate

Create InfoObject Unit ZDNWPCUR and Activate

Create InfoObject Unit ZDNWSTUNI and Activate

Refresh the InfoArea, and all should be visible

Adjust Key Figures

Now substitute the missing InfoObjects with our custom InfoObjects for all the following Key Figures


Change  InfoObject 0D_NW_PCURR

To InfoObject ZDNWPCURR, and Activate

Do this for the remaining InfoObjects, taking care of the correct substitution

0EPM_NAMT use currency ZDNWPCURR


0EPM_PRICE use currency ZDNWPCUR

0EPM_TAMT use currency ZDNWPCURR

Adjust Characteristic

Also, the InfoObject Characteristic 0EPM_PRID requires adjusting

Attribute 0D_NW_PRCUR requires substituting for ZDNWPRCUR

Attribute 0D_NW_STUNI requires substituting for ZDNWSTUNI

Activation should resulting in the following


RSOR - BI Content

Collect the 0EPM_CONT_DELV once again, do not change, tick, or check anything, and "Install"

Fewer error messages, but an observation identifies the same missing objects are still getting in the way

A quick check will reveal the previously erred Key Figures are still ok, as you would expect, and have not been overwritten

In RSOR, I tried to activate, just the advanced DSO InfoArea 0EPM_ADSOS

Same errors occured

Then I tried to install an individual ADSO 0EPM_ADSO1

I did not receive the previous InfoObject errors, which I thought was promising

However, I was not able to see the objects in eclipse, to fix up or otherwise, so that pretty much leaves me out of options.

Previously, RSA1 -> Modelling, would be used to inspect the Object in error, for a possible fix or cause analysis. However, with eclipse, I cannot see the object, so it’s the end of my story, for now.

If you have had the same experience, do share, as I am sure there would be many out there, just like me, keen to see this working, so we can explore further.



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