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In November 2013, Bongkoj (Keng) Promdej, who is the mananger of SLS China, was invited to speak at Tongji School of Economics and Management (Tongji SEM []) to a group of approximately 100 undergraduates and postgraduates from various European countries.  

The topic was about the sharing management experience, from personal point of view. The goal is to engage the students in an interactive session, enabling the them to reflect on how knowledge acquired in the school could be applied in reality. The topics covered are personal experience of working in Thailand, Japan and China. Some tips on business cultures, etc.

She presented no slides, and talked about business cultures in different countries, the SAP business cultures, the actual problems she was having at work – with appropriate level of discretion. It was rewarding to see high level of engagement from the students.  There were many questions asked, many good suggestions offered to solve her on-going business problem that she shared.  The feedback at the end of the session showed that the contents was highly beneficial – from practical usage of theory – for the students.  Keng was invited back for the next semester, and was hoping to introduce members of BWN for the next lectures.  It is great to share our experiences that help shape the mind of future business leaders.  Who knows – some of them might ended up at SAP.

The Deputy Director of International Cooperation Office at Tongji SEM [], Ms. Grace Shou, sees the importance of applying theory learned in classrooms to solve business problems in the real world.  She determines to invite many more business practitioners to share their experiences with the students.

For more information, please contact Bongkoj (Keng) Promdej (