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Today some guys from the Dreamoval team gave us a demo about their products. In short: This was very, very impressive. Their flagship program is a full CRM suite for banking. Several banks here in Ghana are on it. In addition they have a solution for mobile payments with some 30,000 individuals using it so far. The further potential is huge. Ghana is a big country, some family members work in the larger cities or even abroad and want to send money to their families. Traditionally this is very cumbersome, with the Dreamoval solution everything is completely seamless.

Their products are all build using open source, all are cloud solutions. Everything they use is absolutely state of the art. They follow a scrum methodology, so after giving the presentation to us the team went for a meeting to plan the next sprint. “Backlog”, “daily scrum meeting”, all normal terminology to them. My colleague Franz Hero, who leads a development unit, was really taken by surprise. You could easily read his mind: “I want to hire some of these smart guys!”

Below you can see pictures of them giving the presentation to us, on the second you see their development. Not “a” development lab, “the” development lab. It is amazing what they put together with a workforce of 43. Sure, they work long hours, but obviously enjoy it. To nonetheless prevent burn outs, they introduced a rule a while back which says you need to leave office at least one day per week in time, to go out for following your hobbies, meeting friends etc.

One other thing stood out: They had amazingly beautiful and simple slides. For them the standard. Everything which goes out for being presented is checked by a graphic designer. They take as well great pride in having really nice UIs in all their software.

Dreamoval in 2015 won a price for being the best software company in Ghana, and you could clearly see why. Angelique de Vries, my colleague from Presales, will make sure that SAP exploits if there is the opportunity to cooperate with Dreamoval in one way or the other.

The company was founded 9 years back by 4 guys who had just finished university. They all did study computer science. The first investor they had gave them 10,000 US Dollar so they could get started. In return he received 15% of the shares. If I look at Dreamoval now, I would say this was a business opportunity I have missed!