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Interested in taking your partnership with SAP to new heights?  We’re excited to present a partnership opportunity with SAP that not only benefits your employees and your brand, butalso allows you to directly impact the country’s most important audience – ourkids.


SAP’sCorporate Social Responsibility team is looking for members of our ecosystem topartner with us in our 25th KaBOOM playground build in Philadelphia
in October.  K
aBOOM is a national non-profit dedicated to building playspaces for underserved communities, and through its playground-in-a-day
builds develops one of the largest and most-rewarding volunteer opportunities in the US. Check out SAP’s Philadelphia build
video in 2012, where customers, partners, employees, members of Congress, along with the local media, joined to make it one of our most memorable events.

SAP has been partnering with KaBOOM for more than 7 years, building playgrounds with 200+ volunteers acrossmultiple cities and impacting hundreds of thousands of underprivileged children and families during our October’s Month of Service in just this one event. Itis by far our most popular, high-impact, high-energy service project, in which we pair up with a co-sponsor to develop.  In 2013, we teamed up with Adobe and HP for builds in the Bay Area and Chicago respectively.  You can find HP’s video of that event here.


As a partner of the build, your organization can not only invite employees, families, business partners andcustomers to participate in this unique etworking event, but also take advantage of the press and branding opportunities, social media exposure and access to government officials in attendance to fully leverage the sponsorship.

Interested partners should send an email to Jackie Montesinos, head of Corporate Social Responsibility for SA PNorth America, at to learn more.  The build is fully managed by the resources at KaBOOM and the end results last for decades, since the average life expectancy of the playgrounds is 15-20 yeas.  For more stats and information on KaBOOM, check out their site.