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When I am asked what I enjoy most about being at SAP, my answer is always “amazingly talented people willing to share their passions with others”. As a company, SAP has a very rich history of supporting employee development. Giving back to the community is equally important for the company. “Help The World Run Better” is not a mere tagline for SAP, but this goal is at the core of everything we all do.

I have had the privilege of leading community service events at SAP for many years now. It is truly an honor to work side by side with amazing colleagues to contribute to the beautiful community we live in.

This year we had the opportunity to volunteer at Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT), which is an organization dedicated to helping educators inspire learning with hands-on teaching.

On a Thursday afternoon, 10 of us volunteered at RAFT’s Sunnyvale facility. We went through a brief orientation and then proceeded to assemble learning kits for 6th graders. In three hours, we assembled 300 kits that will be used to support 3,000 students in their learning.

Helping kids learn and expand their horizons is a cause that connects with me personally. I believe that it’s our ability to share knowledge that helps us prepare together for the unknowns, drive innovations, eliminate boundaries, and ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

I am grateful to SAP and to my co-volunteers (Alexander Ohlgart, Tisha Bocian, Viji Doraiswamy, Oliver Vivell, Nadine Ebert, Christine Merten, Kirby Leong, Frank Higgins, Jody Kruger) for the opportunity to give back and help support opportunities for education. THANK YOU!