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At SAP we’ re always on the move. Running from meeting-to-meeting, travelling around the world, or visiting customers down the street we all have busy schedules. And as we are accomplishing great things for our business, it is important to hit the brakes from time to time and remember that SAP’s commitment to the community is just as strong as our commitment to our customers and our employees.

Each October, SAP hosts Month of Service. This year in Silicon Valley, we have challenged our employees to help us reach full participation. To make things more interesting, we added a friendly competition among Board areas in the valley. As head of GCO, I expect my team to take home the Month of Service trophy when we achieve the highest percentage of employee participation with our group!

To kick start our run for the title, I sponsored a volunteer event at the Emma Prusch Farm Park on Saturday, October 3. Emma Prusch Farm Park was donated to the City of San Jose in 1962. Throughout the park there is a beautiful barn, several community gardens, and a fruit orchard. I highly recommend taking a trip to see this stunning venue if you visit the area! I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the park.

During our service project, employees and their families participated in a variety of tasks. Several employees opted to help paint fences while others helped clean up the animal areas of the farm. We even had a few roosters visit our group, which provided some good entertainment!

It was great to have such a big turn out for our event at the park and our ployees were so enthusiastic about the opportunity! I was fortunate enough to be able to bring my family along with me, as were other employees. It was a great experience for the adults but also for our children as well. I know my kids got a lot out of it and I was proud to show them what a great impact SAP has on the community through our service projects.

I encourage all employees to increase this impact and find a Month of Service project that speaks to a personal interest. Whether it is mentoring, planting gardens, or painting fences as we did you, can make a difference and help the world run better.