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SAP Chicago employees give new meaning to the phrase “rain or shine” as they tackle huge obstacles to reach hundreds of kids for their annual JA in a Day service event.

After months of planning, 70 Chicago volunteers were ready to play “teacher for a day” to thousands of underserved students in the local community, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating. Last month, amidst one of Chicago’s worst storms that brought severe rain, hail, flooding, road closures and evacuations, this dedicated group made their way to Stevenson Elementary School for the 6th annual JA in a Day Service event.

Embarking on hours-long commutes through these harsh weather conditions, more than 2 dozen volunteers worked with students to teach them new skills from the JA curriculum. This year, students made (and implemented) mock business plans and even had a chance to use SAP products and software throughout the day!

“SAP employees, customers, partners and friends braved the weather to make this day special for the kids,” said Stacey Taborelli, Executive Assistant and SAP Chicago’s lead Volunteer Ambassador for the event. “It truly highlights our commitment to making future generations run better.”

Watch the video of the JA in a Day Service event.