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Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think.” ~Albert Einstein

GIRLsmarts4tech SAP Social Sabbatical Weeks 2-3.

How do you evolve, improve or get organized when you are working within a hurricane?

I thought this issue only existed within the high velocity culture of tech companies.  Turns out, this is everyone’s issue.  The only difference is context.

It’s March and 4 Gs4t highly successful workshops have been completed this school year.  The current Coordinators of Gs4t are now experienced and know exactly how to run their program.  Their remaining challenge is transitioning their know-how to next year’s Coordinators.  The challenges for the new Coordinators will be getting up to speed quickly and then effectively tracking their extensive action items list.  These challenges are difficult to overcome for grad and undergrad student Coordinators who have full course loads on top of Gs4t.

At first, we had visions of parachuting in, developing inspired solutions for the Coordinators and, you know, changing everyone’s lives in the process.  We know best – we will help you.  And we will help, absolutely.  But we are not the experts – the Coordinators are.  We do not have the answers – the Coordinators do.  The eye-opener for me was how important my coaching and mentoring skills were, that these are the skills that were valuable to the Coordinators.  In changing our approach to asking questions to allow the Coordinator to reflect and dig deeper, and showing them possibilities to get their opinions, some truly inspired moments occurred and creative ideas were developed.

Our team is developing solutions to be handed over to the Coordinators; however, creating time for reflection and space to think freely may be the most valuable contributions we’ll make.

GIRLsmarts4tech is a program run by grad and undergrad students of CompSci at UBC that provides girls in grade 6 or 7 to spend a day together to explore and learn about computer science through hands-on activities. 

The SAP Social Sabbatical is a skills-based volunteering program through which small teams of high-potential SAP employees bring their specific expertise to nonprofit orgs, government agencies or educational institutions to help solve pressing business or organizational issues.