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In our first 2013 update, we announced the launch of our signature initiative, where we are aiming to carve out direct IT career pathways for students by partnering with the NYC Department of Education and CUNY (City University of New York) for a technology high school in Queens and with Jobs for the Future and the Aurora School District 129 (outside of Chicago) to create a curriculum for students that would enable them to be prepared for a job in the IT field. Since then, we’ve had our first kick off meetings with both partners and are on our way to our exciting opening day of September 2014. 

For the NYC school, we’ve officially announced the opening through an event held mid-August in the City, and are currently exploring the exact location of the school, as well as, the University partner.  We’ve also identified key administrators that will be an integral part of the school and its development over the next several years.  Hopefully in our next update, we’ll provide a profile on our amazing new school principal.  For the Aurora School, we’ve began working with a local high school, as well as, college partner – Waubonsee – on determining which IT classes will be offered for students, how dual enrollment credits will be given, and how they can truly gain the business acumen and technology skills they need for a job in technology. 

Additionally, at our premiere customer event in May, SAPPHIRE NOW, we had a chance to talk about our initiative with the worldwide audience, as well as, other ongoing programs we have in place as we look to truly empower the workforce of the future through technology education.  You can watch that clip here.

“Our mission at SAP is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives,” said Greg McStravick, president, SAP United States. “Working with these partners allows us to reach young people and provide them with the education they need to succeed. Technology innovation depends on harnessing new ideas coming from diverse parts of our community. This collaboration allows us to help cultivate the best and the brightest minds for the workforce of the future.”

We’re excited to begin the next phase of the planning, of which recruitment will play a significant role. Though 12 months sounds like a long time, there’s no doubt the weeks will fly by – and we can’t wait!