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SAP has a unique opportunity to help accelerate the mission of non-profit and non-governmental organizations through technology donations.  This provides a strategic boost to everything from effectiveness of fundraising processes, streamlined reporting out to key stakeholders, and even showcasing the impact of work to the world.  But it’s not enough to simply provide software; there must be additional support to help the organizations understand how best to utilize these solutions.

Enter SAP Techtalk!

This exciting series provides a deeper understanding of not only the solutions in our donations offering but also insight on how to harness the power to drive more social innovation around the world.  By bringing together product experts, NPO and NGO leaders who want to share their experiences and showcase their technology innovation, and thought leaders in the community, these sessions allow attendees to take away valuable insights that match their level of expertise and interest. 

Access recordings:

Visualize your data with SAP Lumira [Wednesday March 27th]

Showcase your organization impact with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design [May 5th]

Learn how ProSeniors Inc achieved operational excellence through SAP Crystal Reports [June 7th]

Data for Good with SAP Lumira [Friday July 12th]

Broadcast your organization’s impact with SAP Crystal Dashboards - Friday Aug 2nd

A deeper dive into SAP Crystal Reports - Friday Sept 6th

SAP technology donations provides over 5,000 non-governmental and non-profit organizations with solutions to improve critical business areas such as performance management, fundraising operations and donor reporting. 

If you have feedback or requests for future content, please reach out to me – I’d love to hear from you!