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We all have been at our home working from last 6-7 months. All communications, fun activities, events, team bonding, meeting etc., are through via various platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Whatsapp. Some of us though technically skilled were challenged to adapt to this new norm. Network issues, security concerns, no in- person connect with anyone. After the first 3 months passed some of us got used to the new norm and few of us started hating it. To add, our own elderly people at home started feeling left-out even when we were around 24/7, the working timings slowly started taking over the family time. Have you ever imagined, how it would be for the elderly residents who are not fortunate to stay at their own residence, no one from the family to take care of their well-being? This is when Mr. Abhinav Singhal, the Project Head of Digital Aged Care team from SAP Australia along with his team were trying to work with the Team Aashiyaana here in India to support and encourage the elderly residents to leave their fear to use the technology to stay connected.

However, the question was how we do it, we cannot travel to meet the elderly residents. That is when a team of enthusiastic SAP volunteers / performers were reached out to check if they could perform for the elderly residents along with the script flow that was beautifully designed to convey the message that any technology used in the right way with required security in place it is always helpful. May it be an app where you chat / call or a device that tracks the health vitals. The whole purpose of the event was to ensure that the elderly community can lead their life with dignity and independently. The event happened on 11th September 2020 via zoom webinar.

Team Aashiyaana has its branches across India like Pune, Jaipur, Delhi & in Chennai. Our volunteers from SAP picked up songs from retro to all some recent one’s to keep up the who evening lively. This for sure took all the audience to move their feet and enjoy. The script was on how technology can support but our team was not spared. We had to face the technological challenges to get the show up and running. Whatever the technology challenged us with, the team did keep up the promise and performed to the best to ensure the evening was musical. The Invite was also shared with SAP colleagues. What a nice way to start the weekend.

This whole experience gave each one of us a self-satisfaction while ensuring a smile on all the elderly residents, those who stay away from their own home. Just like in movies, I wish there is some magic happening that one day all the elderly residents who stay at old age homes would return to their home and live happily with their families.

Task Force Team : Ashok, Gagan, Ramya

Singers: Brij Bhushan Tripathi, Saurabh Ranadive, Kirankumar Pyati, Naveen kumar Banala, Neha J, Swathi Shankar

Request by: Abhinav Singhal, Program Head - Digital Aged Care team SAP ANZ

Link to event recording: