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Using the power of 360 video, step inside the SAP Vancouver office where we follow three Autism at Work program employees – Brian, Dan and Matthew. As of May, 2017, SAP Canada has hired fifteen employees on the autism spectrum through the Autism at Work program.

To view the video in VR, simply open the YouTube link below on your smartphone and click the VR icon on the lower right hand corner of the video screen. Pop your phone into a VR headset and you’re in!

We created this video because we’re on a mission to inspire other companies to unlock the talent of individuals on the autism spectrum and their ability to contribute to workplaces like yours.

We’ve made a number of accommodations to find this talent, and are doing our very best to create an environment where our teammates can thrive:

  • We work with community partners, like Specialisterne and the Pacific Autism Family Network to identify great candidates

  • We transformed the interview process, favouring assessing behaviours over situational Q&A

  • We offer a tailored orientation and training program for Autism at Work hires

  • We are committed to coaching managers, teams and colleagues on how to create an inclusive environment where all team members can be at their best

  • We provide mentors for our Autism at Work hires – a colleague to help acquaint them to SAP, their team, and their role

On first glance, this might seem like a lot. But when it really comes down to it, whether you’re a small local company, or large multinational like us, this program is scalable. And what’s more, individuals on the autism spectrum will bring real value to your company. Be it incredible attention to detail, pattern recognition, remarkable memory, or a penchant for repetition, Autism at Work is transforming our workplace, and it can transform yours, too.

Want to learn more? Our door is always open. Give us a shout.

About Autism at Work

Autism at Work is SAP’s public commitment to hire 650 individuals on the autism spectrum, globally. Learn more about Autism at Work here.