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As part of Social Sabbatical, South Africa we have got the opportunity to work with ENKE 'Make Your Mark'

Today @ Enke 'Make your Mark', We actively participated in 'Social Innovation Challenge' design thinking Workshop.

Brainstroming with young visionary Entrepreneurs on topics like 'Recycling Coordination','Dropouts in Higher Education' gave us a new perspective of Social Change.

About the Program

One of the important programs run by Enke is Ignition Program.It works with exceptional young adults enrolled in tertiary education systems, connecting them to a diverse, active network, equipping participants with skills and experience to increase employability, and inspiring entrepreneurial thinking in young people entering the workplace

As a part of their Ignition Program, Enke invites young Entrepreneurs to participate in the Social Innovation Challenge and design a project that takes an innovative approach to solve a social issue you are passionate about. Through the partnership with Discovery, this is an awesome opportunities and recognition for the top projects.

Two best ideas are selected and seed funding  is given to the winning team to give shape to their ideas.

1. Periodic workshops are conducted with experts to review and guide the teams
2. Year End Report to assess the utilization of the seed funding and track the progress

Great to see the passion and will of the young Entreprenaurs.The kind of ideas which were presented truly demonstrate the huge potential Africa has.

All it needs is platform to channel it for sustainable growth.

You can follow enke -

Two Young Entrepreneur from SIC Program - Charmine Zondi from PONTE - Bridge the differences and Theodre from Green Thinkers