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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


Hello all!

I am very excited to be making this post. SAP Women in Tech recently launched our new project, Young Africans In Tech.

Young Africans In Tech is a new project that aims to give young Africans at SAP a platform to share their stories and grow their knowledge through fellow Africans in tech both inside and outside of SAP.

There will be interesting, exciting, and fun content including exclusive interviews with inspiring African women in tech, collaborations with speakers inside and outside of SAP, interactive sessions, training sessions, Ask Me Anything sessions, live presentations from African women in tech around the world, workshops offered by established African women in tech, and much more! All of our content and sessions are recorded and available to watch. So far we have had 2 sessions which you can watch here:

"The Conversation" with Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi- founder of Mobile afya: female-founded, female-funded, and female-led tech startup.

"The Conversation" Part 1 with Erefa Coker- who outsources talents from Nigeria and is the co-founder of kidatcode. In part 1 we discuss her outsourcing career and how she is closing the gap of unemployment in Nigeria.

"The Conversation" Part 2 with Erefa Coker- In part 2 we discuss kidatcode: a tech start-up that teaches children in low-income areas of Nigeria how to code.

Our objective for the project is to bring light to African women in tech around the world and celebrate their achievements. Through their talents, stories, experiences, and struggles, we aim to give our young SAP African talents a platform to interact with them, learn from them, get inspired by them, and grow. We additionally want to work together to build awareness and buzz for the tech world in our communities.

Our concept is Africans supporting Africans!

We hope you will enjoy our content, and follow me to get more updates on upcoming content!