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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear reader,

You may already know the magazine FemaleOneZero, if not, here is a brief introduction. FemaleOneZero is an online magazine that aims to be a source of inspiration. They aim to encourage, enlighten and empower through telling stories. SAP Women In Tech has partnered up with the magazine to produce content and work together to reach our shared goal. Together, we aim to inspire women around the world, share our SAP women’s thoughts in leadership in the tech agenda, and make the world a better place, one step at a time.

This April, our SAP colleague from South Africa, Kwena Mabotja, was featured in the magazine for an exclusive interview about sustainability. The interview was incredibly insightful to read, and I would encourage you to have a read too.

The interview is available here:

Kwena touched on many topics around sustainability and SAP. She addressed SAP’s dedication in achieving the 17 sustainability goals by the UN along with the actions we are taking to do so. I was very inspired by her enthusiasm and thoughts on the relevance tech has on sustainability globally, and the relevance we as a society play in this journey.

As an African myself, reading Kwena’s thoughts about not only what we as a company are doing, but also the rise of entrepreneurs in Africa who are working to solve sustainability issues in Africa was especially fascinating. I have always believed in Africa only needing Africans to solve our problems.

Kwena was so insightful in sharing what we can do to make a difference individually, together as a company, and together as a society.

If you are interested in seeing more of what we do at SAP Women In Tech, follow me!