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Have you ever heard about a fireside chat? My first thoughts were: cozy atmosphere, nice warm fireplace, hot cocoa, and an intriguing conversation. Turns out while a fireside chat does appeal through its informal setting it is actually rooted from a series of evening radio addresses by former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt. It combines a personal atmosphere and a specific topic to create an animated discussion. This sounds like a great recipe to discuss all kinds of things without having it feel too much like a business meeting or a lesson in a classroom.

Now take the fireside chat and combine it with an exciting topic like the Global Perspective on the Rise of Women in STEM and voilà. An evening full of captivating conversations and fascinating guests. But this fireside chat is a bit more specific than just the rise of women in STEM. It focuses on the MENA region (the Middle East & North Africa). According to UNESCO, 34-57% of STEM graduates in Arab countries are women which is a much higher number of graduates in this field than anywhere in the US or Europe.


In order to find out why, we collaborate once more with FemaleOneZero to set up this fireside chat on May 26th at 18:00 CET. We were able to get three experts on the topic to chat with us. Hoda Mansour (Managing Director of SAP Egypt & New Frontiers South), Dr. Anoud Ibrahim Bani-Hani (Assistant Professor at Zayed University UAE, Chair of the Research Ethics Committee) and Dr. Heba Aguib (Chief Executive RESPOND at BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt). The session will be moderated by Natascha Zeljko (Co-Founder & Chief Editor F10 & CURAZE) and our very own Christine Regitz (Head of Women in Tech SAP) will introduce the topic with a personal opening note.

If this doesn’t make for a diverting evening, then I don’t know what does. All that is left to do now is put a reminder in your calendar, heat up that hot cocoa and join the fireside chat.

The Talk will be live on Linkedin on the FemaleOneZero Channel on May 26th, 18:00 CET.

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