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SAP had an impressive showing at the recent  New Metrics conference in Philadelphia.

I was invited to present as part of the keynote panelists and represented SAP’s ‘Enabler’ strategy in a session called ‘From Metrics, to Tactics, to Strategy: Embedding Sustainability across the Value Chain’.

My colleague Rachel Parikh represented SAP’s ‘Exemplar’ strategy in ‘Beyond Employee Engagement: Using New Metrics to Embed Sustainability throughout the Organization’.

Lots of very interesting sessions and discussions in a packed 2 day conference. From Microsoft and Disney introducing internal carbon fees to Interface’s break-through in human capital valuation.

The third day we spent at our SAP headquarters in Newton Square, where SAP hosted for the first time the Sustainable Brands community members. Head of corporate strategy Deepak Krishnamurthy welcomed all guests and explained SAP’s strategic direction and the importance of sustainability. After further discussion moderated by Bob Willard and  Professor Witold J. Henisz from the Wharton School , SAP offered the audience a tour through the building, the largest LEED Certified Platinum building in the State of Pennsylvania.

All in all, another important milestone in our long journey, and thanks to everybody who participated and contributed.