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I’ve said it before and today I’m privileged to say it again:

One of the things I love most about working at SAP is the vast global diversity I get to work with every day.  Perhaps nowhere else is this as apparent than when it comes together at an event such as SAP TechEd. We didn’t get a chance to meet in Las Vegas, but I finally got the opportunity to catch up with Master’s student and InnoJam winner Adela Calin over the weekend on Skype.

We recorded the session so you can hear more directly from her from the dorms at the University of Liechtenstein as she shares with us her thoughts on topics such as TechEd, InnoJam, studying IT, the role of MOOCS in university learning, and what got her psyched about the world of business software and SAP in the first place:

(As a bonus you get to watch me say Vaduz and Liechtenstein over and over).

Join me in welcoming Adela to the SAP community and keeping in touch with her and her peers as they create the future of business.  And if you're at TechEd in Amsterdam this week, take advantage of the privilege of getting to know people from places you've never been.

See more of Adela’s adventures at TechEd:

Connect with Adela on LinkedIn -

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