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As promised in my first blog, I want to share with you the latest updates on my SAP Social Sabbatical. As you may remember, colleagues from all over the world and me are in Bangkok, Thailand to support social enterprises on their journey.

Impressive view of Bangkok at night (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

So far, I haven't really disclosed any information about our project and organisation but that is going to change in this blog. So let's dive in right away.

We were already introduced to our host organisation end of last year and immediately started working together with them. Our focus was initially to meet each other, discuss their currently ongoing challenges and get an overview of their daily work.

But first things first: I have the honour to work together with thripthy.antonyp and Kevin Bird from SAP at this organisation. They are very great team members and already made the first week an amazing experience! I'm happy to be here with them and work at this exciting client. Also, Deck Yang - a local expert - is closely working with us and supporting us. Without him, we would be already lost in this big city.

The logo of Klongdinsor - our host organization (Source: Facebook)

The mission of Klongdinsor is easy to explain but powerful: include disabled people in every aspect of life. The small social enterprise runs several projects to support disabled people and help them participate in daily social life.

We are right now working with Klongdinsor on their Data Management & Analytics strategy. Hopefully, I will be able to share more about this towards the end of our project.

Meeting up with Jack - Project Manager at Klongdinsor - to find out more about Klongdinsor (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

One of their projects is called Run2Gether which is held monthly and annually. The idea is very simple: make it possible for disabled people to go running. Independent of their disability, Klongdinsor aims to find a solution for everyone.

A key aspect here are the Guide Runners. They are the people who also join the event and guide the disabled participants. If someone is blind, a guide runner takes him and runs together with him. If someone is sitting in a wheelchair and can't move him- or herself, a guide runner will push the wheelchair.

Runners getting warmed up by Chatchai - the CEO of Klongdinsor (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

The event is held monthly with a small number of runners in a very beautiful and big park in the middle of Bangkok. Everybody can just participate and enjoy the event. Afterwards, Klongdinsor provides some drinks and snacks so that participants can stay and enjoy the community. Overall, the atmosphere was really great. Everybody was having fun and enjoyed the run.

On top of that, there is also an annual event held in March this year. This event saw more than 2,000 participants last year which is amazing. It is held in a big stadium and runners are awarded for their achievements. More details (in Thai) can be found here on Facebook.

While we just wrapped week 1 and successfully started into week 2, there is more to come! Just keep following my blogs and stay updated on Klongdinsor and what we do here. As for the closing, enjoy some more pictures of the area where the Klongdinsor office is located.

The office of Klongdinsor is located in a historic part of Bangkok which is tightly connected to Chinatown. This pictures shows a random side street in the area. (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

The area is developing fast. This coffee is located in the middle of it and provides a wide selection of coffee to enjoy and beans to use at home. (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

The gate to Chinatown. Chatchai from Klongdinsor took some time to show us around. (Source: Abassin Sidiq)

Chinatown at night is fascinating. There are signs everywhere and of course food. Good food! (Source: Abassin Sidiq)