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Hola, everyone! My name is Gek and I work for SAP Product Support in SAP UK office. This year’s SAP Month of Service has a very special meaning to me. Lucky me gets to spend it in Bogota, Colombia with eleven of my SAP colleagues all over the world. As one of these twelve SAP employees form the “Bogota Orchids” of SAP Colombia, Bogota 2015/2016. We devote our month of service 2015 through Social Sabbatical to deliver a global social impact. There were lots of field trips for some of us.

I belong to Fundacion Capital Team (Gek-Hui.Yeo (SAP UK), Georg Fischer (SAP Germany) and Daniel Lee SAP Canada).

Our Month of Service 2015 picture at SAP Colombia Office.(From left, Georg, Me and Daniel). Look at how the awesome Colombia food has given us glorious body figures :wink:

Below is our team's picture(Left is Daniel, Me, Georg on the right) celebrating a FundaK project, Little Big Money 2nd year old birthday. You can read about LBM here.

SOLE team which comprises of Fatimah Abdullah(SAP USA), Rene Wirthmann(SAP Germany) and Diviya Palakshaiah Maelmath (SAP India) kindly graciously invite us to their SOLE session and let my team with one field trip interacting with the local community.

Steffen Kress (SAP Germany), Sabrina Armbruster (SAP Germany) and Sheri Schaaf (SAP USA) form the Genesis Team.

Gerda Slagter (SAP Netherlands), Michal Zezula (SAP Czech Republic) and Srikanth Rajamani(SAP USA) looks after the PSF -Seed of Confidence client organization.  Below is our group photo enjoying a nice lunch in Bogota, Colombia.(Starting from left is Steffen, me, Daniel, Fatimah, Divi, Srikanth, Sheri, Georg, Michal, Rene, Gerda, Sabrina).

We started off as colleagues but ended as friends at the end of this life-changing social sabbatical in Colombia. The social motivation for our clients binds us together in these highly intensive four weeks as someone mentioned like an adult summer camp. All of us have over-delivered our scope of work (SOW) for our client organizations. All the Bogota Orchids have shared with me a piece of themselves and I share a piece of mine in these four weeks of comrade bonding. From sapitors(in espanol sound like frogs), we have become the bees as in the Fundacion Capital, spreading the financial inclusion influence to impact 25 million people in extreme poverty by 2020. Working through organization restructure, strategy planning, we stretched our scope of work to help the evolution from a NGO to a social enterprise. In just three weeks we took the necessary steps to deeply understand how the organization worked, and derived from that, their strengths and weaknesses. We devoted most of their time to work intensively in providing the necessary recommendations for the organization to grow healthy. Looking back, seeing how we been trained and built up for this social sabbatical challenge was an amazing leadership and cross-cultural trainings. On Friday 30 October 2015, we ended our last working day with a bang from delivering our final presentations in SAP Colombia. You can catch up more through our individual teams’ blog posts.

Hope you all enjoy reading and being part of our adventures!

Un Abrazo,