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The financial results for the Q2 quarter (the first half of 013) have been released and yield a positive outcome. The numbers continue to e double-digit growth. Software-related service revenue (SSRS) increased 10% hile software and cloud subscription revenue (non-IFRS) increased 7%. The nnual cloud revenue exceeded 930 million Euros.

Health@SAP HR app from the People and Diversity Week contest as chosen by employees through a voting process. App prototype is designed to
speed up access to emergency medical care. From June 10-June 14, 2012 People nd Diversity week was help and employees were asked to submit ideas for the obile app. The team that developed the winning idea was Vidyasagar Reddy, Ankur Sirvastava, Amit Kumar Singh, Sneha Ranganath and Vishnu Gowda Harish.  The app is still in the planning phases but we’re excited to see the finished product.

CATSXT Mobile now available for iPhone, employees can record on the go! Time recording is now faster with this newly created mobile app. The
app enables employees to record project tasks quickly and easily from their iPhone. The app includes features such as mobility, simplicity as well as the
ability to save recurring actions as favorites. The app includes an advantage especially for those employees who spend a lot of time on the road visiting
customers or travel frequently, this app allows them to record whenever instead of waiting to return to the office. However, the app is not limited to just
those who are on the road, the mobile app is simple to use and can be used at the office instead of the PC version.

SAP Corporate Audit wants to create an auditing service that provides advice on a proactive basis. SAP has some of its best internal
auditors hard at work adopting various new approaches to achieve this. In April, they began using the SAP Cloud for Sales solution as a basis for exchanging information within the team.  SAP Cloud Sales solution lets the internal auditors place information collected from different departments around the world in a single system that is accessible to the whole team. This keeps everyone organized and consistently on the same page yielding a more effective work ethic.

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