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SAP’s largest technology festival “d-com” is a dynamic platform for the development teams to understand the end-users want, need and value. This networking platform supports as a catalyst in the innovation helps our teams to build products and solutions that improve customer satisfaction and solve some of the extremely complex problems to help the world run better. 

d-com 2023” was hosted across four locations in India: Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Pune. There were numerous sessions, demo jams and activities across all locations. This captivating fest kick-started in Bangalore where SAP Labs India proudly celebrated its Silver Jubilee, 25 years of improving people’s lives.  

We @Sap strongly believe that creating a diverse and inclusive culture makes us a better company, fueling our innovation, enhancing our work experience, and enabling our success in a changing world. SAP’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy lets us celebrate our differences where everyone belongs!! Our D&I strategy has been intensively celebrated around 3 main pillars: Workplace Inclusion, Workforce Diversity, and Marketplace Leadership. D&I made its presence for the first time ever in d-com 2023 across mainly three locations – Bangalore, Gurgoan and Hyderabad. The team has been showered with positive feedbacks that makes up hopeful to make more impactful presence in years to come. 

Few Highlights: 

Bangalore: d-com Bangalore took place from 26th-28th of April 2023. We had D&I booth where our colleagues presented us with the topic on the ‘Workforce Diversity’ which focused on Cross-Gen inclusion and emphasised how SAP is maintaining the balance to recruit employees across six generations and how significant it is to do so. SLI has consistently prioritised the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and as a result, we were honoured to receive the IWEI 2022 Top Employer Certification. We had our colleagues who also enlightened the audience on this topic in the ‘lightning talk’. These sessions were highly interactive and enthralling. To top it up, we also had some quiz sessions across all topics and practices within D&I at SAP. We had a huge energetic crowd who participated and gained knowledge around the D&I activities that are blooming around them. This resulted in an increased awareness about D&I!!

Gurgaon: d-com Gurgaon took place on 5th May 2023. Amidst an array of other learning opportunities, D&I also seized some attraction and there was D&I Quiz for the employees at the location. The quiz covered questions about our initiatives and challenged the understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. At Gurgaon, the team witnessed enthusiastic participation throughout the quiz, and had many champions boasting about their wins. The competitive drive, coupled with their passion for diversity, filled the room with a glowing energy. 

Hyderabad: SAP Hyderabad witnessed its first ever d-com event on 26th May 2023. In addition to the day full of technical content, D&I also had its place with a session dedicated to spread awareness. Our speakers delivered the first Pride awareness session for the Hyderabad site. This lively and interactive session acted as an ice breaker and was a huge success in kick-starting a conversation about the need for Pride and the Community. This session was followed by the ‘Cross Gen inclusion’ topic and we wrapped it up with the BWN topic.


In a nutshell, what made all these events truly special was the discussion among the participants on the topic and its importance. The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Quiz turned out to be a resounding success, leaving everyone with a greater appreciation for the importance of inclusivity and sparking engaging and thought-provoking conversations. It also allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of our initiatives on the lives of our colleagues and left us all feeling grateful.

We would like to thank all the speakers and the contributors to make this a huge success.

Speakers/Contributors: Abhishek Datta Gupta, Smitha K A, Utkarsh Jain Sankhla, Vishalakshi K.M., Sai Valluru, Sai Geetha, Asif Mohammad, Rashmi Raghuraja, Shubham Gupta, Shriti Mishra, Sai Krishna Parlapalli, Shreyasri Bose, Haridas, Anil Narasimham Mallad, Kiran Venkataramanappa and many many more from D&I community!!

Bangalore SPOC: Swetha Biradar

Gurgaon SPOC: Shilpi Khanna

Pune SPOC: Jayasri Addala


A BIG THANK-YOU for all the love and continuous support that we receive from our SAP Family. We wish to make a bigger footprint for d-com 2024 and more!!