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Did you miss it? Worry not, we have you covered with this blog post highlighting everything that was spoken about by SAP as regards Sustainable Enterprise going forward from this moment.


Christian Klein kicked off the storytelling on behalf of SAP with the following:

Successfully tackling the world’s greatest challenges requires change at every level and on a global scale. When it comes to protecting our planet, organizations in every industry can make an important difference by building sustainability into the fabric of how they do business. We all know, however, that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and many companies lack the transparency they need to truly drive their sustainability goals.

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Luka Mucic shared how SAP itself is an exemplar of Sustainable Enterprise with the following

The climate and social crisis is one that has a shared responsibility and needs collective action. More than a decade ago, we started our sustainability journey at SAP, and we’ve witnessed the power of putting sustainability at the core of our strategy; it’s good for society and good for business. We integrated economic, social, and environmental performance into how we measure and steer our business. We set and monitored ambitious targets, whilst leveraging digital solutions to enhance how we run. And with both our successes and learnings, as well as the increasingly alarming external environment, we take on our responsibility as well as the opportunity from sustainable business.

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Thomas Saueressig talks about the new solutions that his team has developed to support sustainable enterprise with the following:

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises: With our new offering, we’re helping businesses transform into sustainable enterprises regardless of their starting point.

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Bernd Schmalzridt talks about how SAP and its partner ecosystem work together to make sustainable enterprise happen with the following

Working with SAP, partners advance market development for sustainable solutions. They turn ideas and imperatives into compelling paths to action that leverage SAP solutions. Together, we advocate with thought leadership and galvanize collective efforts and methodologies in industry forums like the World Economic Forum, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, and United Nations Organizations.

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Vivek Bapat talks about the launch of a global brand campaign in which SAP tries to inspire businesses to reimagine the “Eco” in Economy, so they can choose both - purpose and profit together.

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SAP Sustainable Enterprise article’s worth reading

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SAP is trying to herald the new age of eco-nomics keeping in mind the needs of profitability for sustainable enterprises and the needs of our planet Earth. Inform yourself via this link


Please feel free to provide feedback and ask questions on this blog in case you would like to have more information about SAP and the partner ecosystem efforts related to the topic of sustainable enterprise. We will be delighted to engage with you via this medium and provide clarifications as needed.


Thank you for your time and attention.