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My daily routine usually involves responding to emails, drinking coffee, attending meetings, working on projects, and more. While we make a difference in the business world daily, my team decided to dedicate a day to helping our local community.

During SAP’s Month of Service, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center team woke up early and volunteered at a playground build for the East Palo Alto Charter School. Partnering with the non-profit group KaBOOM!, we came to this school at full force with over 300 SAP and Adobe volunteers. We worked with several playground components, mulch, and more to create a space for children to enjoy. The pressure was on and the volunteers were determined to finish by the six-hour deadline.

We were all excited for this build but were slowed down with some obstacles. With missing parts and uneven holes, we were not sure if we would be able to complete the job. Some motivation came from the groups of children cheering us on. Their faces would light up when new parts of the playground were assembled. Determined to finish, the volunteers worked together and got the job done right down to the wire.

Our work included painting murals, organizing the gym closet, building a garden, adding mulch, and assembling play sets. The opening ceremony included the ribbon cutting and a celebration with the schoolchildren. It is truly amazing what our team can accomplish together, whether it may be working on a customer project or just helping the community for a day.

“What excites me most is that we created something that the school children will enjoy for a very long time.” - Dinesh Reddy

“A truly inspiring Month of Service project. The joy and happiness of those kids seeing the finished playground was absolutely priceless. Volunteers are paid in six figures - S-M-I-L-E-S!.” - Cecilia Alvarez

"Producing" a playground in just one day is very different from the outcomes we produce daily at work. The pure joy the kids expressed on seeing their playground go up was the best feedback imaginable. It made everyone work even harder to meet the deadline, thus showing the value of instant "customer" feedback.” - Anja Bog

“Creating something that others can benefit from and enjoy is very fulfilling experience.” - Peter Weigt