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As I was sweating on my bike up the hill in 90+ degree heat, what kept me going was the cause.  The pain and sweat beads were nothing in comparison to the sacrifices that our veterans, service members and fallen soldiers have given for our country. This was my second year participating in the Cycling for Veterans ride and I can’t wait to do it again. On my 55 mile ride, I had the pleasure of meeting new friends and catching up with ones I hadn’t seen in a long time. This year I was joined by more than 40 SAP riders from all over the Bay Area who biked through the East Bay hills and Vineyards.  Through flat tires and sunburns, the encouragement, support, and laughter from everyone involved was what kept many of us going– even after some of us took an accidental detour that added 4 extra miles!

When I pulled into the last rest stop and met a mom whose son was MIA, I couldn’t thank her enough for what she’d given up.  Giving a Saturday is one thing, but sacrificing self and loved ones to serve–those are the true heroes. I felt honored to be riding for such a great cause, and filled with pride that my company sponsored the ride.  Thank you SAP for the opportunity to make a difference while having fun in doing so, on my Saturday in the sun.
-Jennifer Schulze