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The last time I remember painting murals was back in high school. My month of Service project to paint murals for hospitals definitely brought back wonderful memories.

My work team volunteered together on this project to paint murals that'll brighten up hospital walls. The activity of painting a mural really brought out a sense of relaxation and camaraderie. With the soothing sound of music playing in the background, we tuned out our daily clutter and resigned from the constant churn of work to enjoy a fun, peaceful afternoon. There's nothing better!

Our mural was themed on marine life, specifically bright-colored fish and plants. We worked on six large pieces that combined to form a colorful, engaging masterpiece. It was so fascinating to see the whitespace turn into lively images of marine life.

This was a great source of rest and relaxation for me, especially while collaborating with my peers. We had a great time - you could tell by the paint smears on everyone's clothing by the end of the day!

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