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Be green, go green – these are phrases that everyone has heard and can relate to. We usually relate this, on a personal level, to using low energy appliances to lower electricity costs, using less water and separating waste disposal. On a business level young professionals are starting to choose employers based on their sustainable practices, with 90% searching for employers with sustainable attitudes reflecting their personal behaviour. Employees aren’t the only stakeholders taking an interest in your sustainable behaviour: consumers are also looking at a company’s behaviour towards employees, environment and social responsibility before entering into any deals.  But how can businesses become more sustainable, what is the business value and how does sustainability drive innovation?

SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Peter Graf invites you to join him for a six week openSAP course, Sustainability and Business Innovation. Peter has spent the past five years building SAP’s sustainability

strategy from the ground up and he will share his experience with you. SAP has been placed in the top 100 sustainable companies in the world, is also placed in the top ten US tech companies, and is leading the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 2013 in the software sector. Some notable achievements for SAP in 2013 include an increase in women in management positions to 21.2% and stable employee retention of 93.5%. SAP will now concentrate on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the level of 2000 figures by 2020. In 2014 we will provide our cloud solutions on a green cloud taking responsibility for IT related emissions for our customers. You can find more information on

During this course Peter will provide you with the tools to articulate a sustainable strategy for your organization, to make the business case for sustainability and sell it to the right people in your company. Going forward you will learn how to embed sustainable principles into your organization and the catalytic role IT can play in driving and executing a sustainable strategy.

The course duration is six weeks with a learning effort of approximately 4 hours per week to complete the course content and weekly assignments. It is beneficial to bring some basic business or IT knowledge to the class, but everyone is welcome to learn more about sustainability from a business perspective.  Find out more at openSAP and get ready to benefit from SAP’s sustainability experience to date.

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