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In my last blog post, I already talked about the importance of data for becoming more sustainable. As I am a data and facts-driven guy, I bought myself two power consumption meters in order to run some tests at home and to do some "benchmarking". For example, I wanted to understand how much power the 12-year old refrigerator in our basement consumes. We kept that additional refrigerator for cooling food and drinks which we do not consume on a daily basis but which take up a lot of space.

Due to its age, I assumed the old refrigerator to do very poorly. However, what came to a shock and surprise to me was that my home office desk actually consumed more power during the day than our 12-year old refrigerator. Only when nights and weekends get added to the picture, the refrigerator overtakes my home office desk. However, there is only a fairly small difference between both.

Power consumption: home office desk (left) vs. old refrigerator (right)

My explanation for this is that the refrigerator is fairly energy efficient if the door does not get opened very often and if only rarely new not-yet-cold stuff is put into the refrigerator. At the same time, I realized that I need to be more aware of turning off my laptop when I am actually not working. Too often I left my laptop running during dinner and while I was bringing my kids to bed, as I wanted to do a little more work later, which sometimes I did and sometimes not.

This little personal example showed me that sustainability-related assumptions and estimations can be wrong and how important good data is. Only with a good understanding of the factual situation one can make the right decisions. In addition, seeing the numbers motivates to make behavioral changes and helps to monitor progress.

This is also true for the business world. The recent blog posts by Gunther Rothermel and Nico Wottke explained nicely the importance of data for businesses to become more sustainable. People interested in this topic might want to join the upcoming SAP Community Call about "Holistic Steering and Reporting with SAP Sustainability Control Tower" on December 17th at 3:30pm CET.

ESG reporting has become a hot topic! Thus, it is nice to see SAP's sustainability-related solution portfolio constantly grow. If you want to stay up-to-date about all the sustainability-related news from SAP, you should become a follower of the SAP Sustainability Community. Finally, in case you missed the session, you might want to watch the recording of the SAP TechEd session on "Managing Sustainability with SAP Solutions" including the nice demo covering multiple SAP solutions.