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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Would you like to get to know some of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders? Would you like to learn about how you could turn your idea into action and solve a social problem? If the answer is yes, the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) MOOC on openSAP is for you!

Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World is an online course, provided free of charge, featuring leading entrepreneurs, practitioners, and experts sharing their experiences from around the globe. The course will begin with a look at social entrepreneurship today and focus on current problems of migration in Germany and Europe, China, and Mexico. These problem cases will focus on migration at local, regional, and national levels, and how social action and leadership can build upon the positives of, and alleviate some of the unique challenges faced with mass migration. In week two, you’ll learn about skill building, design thinking and lean start-up method. In the following weeks, the course will focus on ideation and business modelling, preparation and testing, storytelling and motivating, and scaling sustainably.

In this course, Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World, you’ll get to meet some of the world’s famous entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs including:

  • Muhammad Yunus: Founder of the Grameen Bank and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006
  • Li Ding: Vice President of Non-Profit Incubator (NPI) one of the leading supporting organizations for NGOs and social enterprises in China. She also established strategic partnerships among NPI and several famous international organizations (UnLtd, CIVA, AVPN and GSEN).
  • Zoran Puljic: Founder of Mozaik Foundation, helping citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina organize and advance their communities by providing financial and advisory assistance.
  • Hedda Pahlson-Moller: Business angel focused on impact investing at the seed capital stage through Omnisource International. Hedda runs Tiime, a catalyst for social impact.
  • Bill Liao: Social networking pioneer, CoderDojo co-founder and investor in The Hunger Project.
  • Alexander Osterwalder: Inventor of the Business Model Canvas and shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award

The course will run over a six week period with new content released each week. As a learner, you’re invited to take part in our discussion forum where you can discuss the content and ideas with peers and ask the experts for their input. There is also an option to take part in a coaching track where you will be placed in a global group with peers and complete group exercises.

The course is provided free of charge and all you need to sign up is a valid email address. If you would like to earn a Record of Achievement, simply complete the assignments before the deadline on a weekly basis. Although the course runs over a six week period, you should only spend 2-4 hours per week completing the content and taking part in discussion forums.

To find out more about the course and the presenters you will meet, visit openSAP.