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We all know the best run businesses run SAP. Now imagine the best run schools running SAP…in the classroom. We’re getting close. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team is readying to open two technical high schools in 2014 with a curriculum designed for students pursuing careers in technology. Students will use SAP solutions during lectures and in group and individual assignments; SAP will become a part of their daily lives. So how can you help make our vision a reality?

Simply download our Social Innovation: The Power of Your Ideas app and submit an idea on how to solve a societal issue at For every idea submitted, we’ll donate $10 towards the development of these schools in New York City and Chicago. The goal is to scale this model and curriculum across North America in the next several years.

Formally launched this week and with plans to generate the most traffic during SAPPHIRE NOW, the Social Innovation: The Power of Your Ideas app enables YOU to contribute to our mission of serving underserved populations across the region! As an information technology leader, SAP believes that it can help the world run better by improving people’s lives. Everyone can help us make a difference, and we invite you to submit your ideas for tackling social issues in these three key areas:

  • The power of small in strengthening local economies 
  • Solutions for education and IT Career Pathways 
  • The role of technology in creating economic opportunities

Going to be on-site on Orlando? Participate in a roundtable or design thinking workshop so you can get engaged in our planning process. Volunteer your time to with the Food for Orphans initiative here. Follow us on Twitter: @SAPCSR. And lastly, be sure to stop by the CSR booth on the show floor, located in the Design Thinking and User Experience area, right by ASUG, for more information or to get engaged during SAPPHIRE NOW…and beyond. Email us for more information!