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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

     Founded in October 2013, the Montreal Business Women's Network, aims to inspire progress within the SAP Labs Montreal Community by creating an open forum where participants can share experiences and knowledge, encourage cultural and organizational diversity, promote women's leadership and empower each other to perform at their best.

Our co-chairs, Denise Gonçalves and Neetha Mathew, along with the rest of the members of the steering committee, are pioneering the Montreal landscape to help create an environment that fosters progression. With some guidance from our chapter counter parts in Vancouver and France, as well an interactive session with Chantal
, Senior Vice-President, Operations and implementer of the Women in Retail Project at Walmart, we were able to lay the building blocks that would get the ball
rolling for a successful network. Building from the ground up, our first task was to create awareness and interest among local people. On December 2nd of last year, we hosted a successful first event by showcasing a discussion on women in leadership with Françoise Lyon, senior vice-president, Pembrooke Wealth Management.

Through a BWN participant survey done at the top of the new year, it was determined that we would use the following themes as vehicle to stimulate local potential for progress.

  • Developing your personal self
  • Work/life balance
  • Leadership

If nothing else, the feedback we’ve had so far demonstrates that the women in Montreal are hungry for the opportunity to grow themselves. Our group quickly discovered that we’ve no shortage of connections with female leaders and that are willing and honored to come share their stories to inspire progress with the members of our community. As a result, we are, with great excitement, already organizing a series of varied events touching upon our highlighted themes to be hosted this first half of 2014.

On March 10th, in honor of Women's Day, we will be highlighting the intrinsic female ability to do-it-all by hosting guest speaker Cindy Fagen, who will share the tales of a  sleep deprived Chief Executive Mom of two, Minister of Entertainment to her family and proud founder and President of The Kid Scoop (

From Presidents Club sales achiever, to Business Unit Leader, to the recent launch of a digital media start up, known for building solutions from inception phase to ultimately realizing revenue growth and profitability; this entrepreneur with a passion for business development has mastered the art of change and will surely leave us feeling inspired to explore our own new landscapes and rise to our potential. Our dedicated Women’s Day event will take place in the SAP Labs Montreal EBC Center on March 10, 2014, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, followed by a cocktail to close.

It would be fair to say that the members of the Montreal BWN steering committee are leaders in the making, inspiring progress as they spearhead the BWN movement amongst their peers. Montreal BWN founding steering community members include: Denise Gonçalves, Neetha Mathew (co-chairs), and supporting members, Dominique Pirolo, Isabelle Thore, Kim Mecca, Linda Farinaccio, Melissa Brotto and Yasmin Beddeck

Visit our Jam page for more information on our upcoming Women’s Day event and the Montreal BWN.