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Month of Service (MOS) has officially kicked off in Silicon Valley! This year, we are working toward a goal of full participation from all SAPsv employees.

As a leaders in Silicon Valley, we have been working with managers to inspire this record-breaking participation. As additional motivation for our employees to give back, a competition has been announced between Board areas within SAPsv. The winning team will be chosen based on the percentage of employee participation within each Board area, and I am expecting P&I to take home the trophy!

To jump start my involvement with Month of Service (and ensure P&I comes out on top!), I sponsored a volunteer project at El Carmelo Elementary School in Palo Alto last Saturday, September 26.

This was a great opportunity for SAPsv employees to work with The Living Classroom. The Living Classroom collaborates with schools and communities to develop school district-specific programs that provide engaging, hands-on lessons that stimulate curiosity and create beautiful and educational school gardens. The Living Classroom utilizes school gardens and outdoor areas as it provides children with hands-on learning experiences. These lessons complement the existing curriculum and provide the opportunity for students to experience concepts taught in the classroom through exploration of the natural world.

During our project, SAPsv employees assisted with El Carmelo Elementary School’s outdoor educational garden space. We constructed garden observation signs, planted native shrubs, and installed equipment for students.

This event gave us the opportunity to give back to the community and it was also a great networking opportunity as employees had the chance to work with colleagues from all Silicon Valley campuses they normally would not be in contact with. We all had a great time!

Be sure to sign up for a Month of Service project that resonates with you and help engage your team and peers to do the same throughout Month of Service.

I look forward to seeing you at volunteer events all month long.