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And just like that, our 15-week blog series is coming to an end and we are looking back on 15 amazing stories from our volunteers, all over the world.
Showcasing some of the impactful initiatives, personal stories and inspiring volunteering journeys from our SAP employees has been truly amazing and we will keep on celebrating your impact!

As our final post, I wanted to sit down with our Global Volunteering Lead, Eva Klingbeil, and have her tell us more about her role, what keeps her busy during the day and her personal experience with volunteering at SAP.

Hi Eva! Thank you for taking the time today! Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your role at SAP?
Yes, sure! My name is Eva, I am part of SAP’s global CSR team and oversee SAP’s global volunteering strategy. In addition to that, I take care of our employee engagement platform SAP Together, which was rolled out in September 2018, so a little over a year now, and I am also responsible for our global impact measurement!

That sounds like you know how to keep yourself busy! What do you enjoy most about your work?
That’s a tough question! Definitely, the variety of tasks I work on on a daily basis. I am getting inspired by learning from every single member of our CSR team and volunteering community, that teaches me cultural differences, interest and that volunteering means something different for everyone.

What does volunteering mean to you personally?
Volunteering means a lot to me personally. This year alone, I had the chance to be part of two very different volunteer events– together with our nonprofit partner Rays of Hope I volunteered in Alexandra in Johannesburg as part of the Mandela Day celebration in July, and I just recently supported a local monastery near our SAP HQ in Walldorf as part of our Global Month of Service. We covered greenhouses with new foil for the upcoming winter – and it was a lot of fun! To me, volunteering offers the opportunity to step out of my day to day life and open up to new experiences. I love engaging with new people, learning about their personal journeys and potentially challenge my own perspective in some regards. I think volunteering can provide a space of unlimited learning and personal development while supporting a particular cause and contributing to societal change! It’s also something that I value so highly about SAP as a company – that volunteering is such an essential part of our company culture!

What is so special about SAP’s Global Month of Service?
The Global Month of Service is, and has been, SAP’s largest volunteering initiative for the past 15 years! It’s incredible to see how many of our employees get engaged throughout October and volunteer their own knowledge and expertise, but most importantly their time, to support their local communities!
As development of recent years, our global trend has more and more moved towards year-round service. It is very obvious that there is a need for volunteering in all months of the year and that October isn’t necessarily the most convenient time – neither for the nonprofit partners nor for our global employees. That’s why we like to encourage and empower everyone to take action when and where the need arises, while we continue to make October a month of celebration and recognition of the incredible impact that our volunteers are having year-round!

Any last words that you would like to say to our readers?
Thank you to everyone who has gotten engaged in the past, supports Month of Service for the 15th year or their first time and to everyone who has taken some inspiration from this blog series to find a project to get involved in!
Volunteering for our tomorrow starts today and there are so many incredible causes that each and every one of us can support! It all starts with the first step, but I can ensure you, that once started passion remains.

Thank you, Eva!

And thank you to all of our readers for keeping up with this blog series! If you would like to review the 15 volunteer stories from our SAP employees, click here! And if you would like to be featured in one of our next stories, reach out to

Happy 15th Global Month of Service, everyone!

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