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A very apt synonym for children is ‘possibility’. Every child has enormous potential waiting for the right kind of inspiration and motivation to achieve the apparently unachievable. SAP believes that the right kind of opportunity and environment has the ability to unlock a child’s true potential. As part of its global initiative to nurture and boost education and provide a platform for youngsters to showcase their talent, we organised a Science Fair in Bangalore recently.

On 24th July, SAP CSR in India, collaborated with, Agastya International Foundation, to  celebrate science in all its glory.

Why employees are passionate about teaching science to the student

  • With 300 young scientists showcasing scientific principles to 2,000 youngsters from 20 government schools, the event had 300 SAP employee volunteers interacted with the participants and helping manage the activities. Employees felt young, reminiscing their school days, while teaching to the students. Majority of our employees are from science / engineering stream, and love to share their knowledge with students.

  • Science experiments and concept demonstrations like eclipse, resonance, human body part models, motor, submarine, periscope, medicinal plants, optical illusions, conservation of energy and gyroscope wheel were among the 70 models demonstrated in Shikshakara Sadan, Bangalore. Children were excited to participate in activity stalls where they could conduct experiments by themselves to understand science better and bust common myths like black magic.

  • The children had great fun in the “Do It Yourself corner” where they tried out new things like papercraft and origami. Science toys and low-cost models were extremely popular among the 2,000 curious young minds who soaked up everything and were eager to showcase their talent next time around.

SAP CSR commitment to STEM Education & Digital Literacy

Education, innovation and Digital literacy will enrich the lives of young India and we at SAP are committed to the entire process. Our primary initiative in this direction includes launching “Code Unnati” and getting involved in STEM education through such science fair. Our objective is designed to impart digital literacy and drive employment-led software skills development for the underprivileged.

Earlier this year, SAP pledged to adopt 100 Atal tinkering labs (ATL) in 2018, through a partnership with NITI Aayog to promote STEM education, Innovation and Digital Education amongst the young minds. This step will help fulfil our global agenda to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among school students above grade 6.

Digital literacy is a must for building a Digital India. The design lab of SAP Labs India will give access to students and give them hands-on experience with tech gadgets. We are committed to three UNSDG goals (SDG #4, #8, #17) which include quality education, decent work and economic growth and partnerships for goals. Adopting tinkering labs will give us a chance to take students beyond their curriculum while making them more aware and receptive to different phenomena of science.


Our involvement in STEM education and “Code Unnati” is our way of equipping our youths to deal with the new world order or in other words, the digital world. Currently, the digital literacy rate of India is at 10% and through these initiatives, we plan to contribute to the process of fostering a digital culture amongst children and young adults by facilitating and mentoring so that they are confident about grasping and dealing with all things digital around them.