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Madhu Mansion is a registered non-profit organization working for the welfare of orphans. Established in the year 2011 by Mr. Samson Santhosh, the organization has grown from a humble beginning to a place where they are serving more than 40 children.

We chose this orphanage for our SAP CSR Month Of Service 2017 activity under the Inclusion pillar.

On 8th September Kavya Kumari, Priyanka Kommanapalli and I visited the orphanage to interact with the children and collect their little wishes. Each child could choose what they wanted the most from a wish list we had prepared. It was the first time we were interacting with the children and it was great fun playing games with the little ones.



Once we got the wishes and the details of the children we captured it in an online excel and put it on the CSR month of service jam for employees to pick up the wishes:


The wishes ranged from clothes, shoes and watches to art supplies, sports equipment and board games! A lot of colleagues picked up wishes throughout the month and fulfilled them. We had fun shopping for the wishes we had picked up and gift wrapping them.

On 29th September, Kavya, Anitha, Agilan, Abu and I visited the orphanage to give away the wishes and spend a day with the kids. The kids were really excited to get their dream gifts!


We also played many games including a draw your dream activity where we distributed drawing sheets and art supplies and they could draw their dreams onto paper. The younger kids were able to do it with a little help from the volunteers.

We served them biryani and coke for lunch which was arranged by Abu and Agilan. We gifted English and Kannada storybooks given by Pratham Books to all the children depending on their age, and conducted short story telling sessions.


We then played some fun games and craft activities and gave away snack boxes. Special thanks to Anitha and team for contributing a lot in this event to get all the wishes fulfilled and also for helping us with all the activities and supporting us throughout!

Volunteer Experiences:

  1. Kavya (I302362) – “It was so much fun, I keep visiting the orphanage so it gave me immense happiness to be able to give them so much. It was possible all thanks to the colleagues who contributed.”

  2. Priyanka (I322086) – “I missed the main event but I had lots of fun while collecting the wishes, even played Simon says with the children”

  3. Anitha (i044291) – “I have a ten year old child myself and I can understand the pain of these children and I feel there is a lot more we can do for them”

Children’s Experiences:

  1. Suraj – “Thank you so much for the hip hop cap, I will use it for all my dance performances”

  2. Shrushti – “Orange is my favorite color thank you for the orange watch, I see the SAP bus pass by every time I come from school it’s orange too! ”

  3. Pavan – “I love reading, thank you for the storybooks, once I finish mine I will read everyone else’s also.”


This little girl would stop crying as soon as you ask her to pose for a picture! It is smiles like these that make all our efforts seem worth it and push us to do more. It was an overwhelming experience for us to organize this event. We strongly believe in #SAP4Good and that little contributions can go a long way in making a big impact and doing more good!