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For the past 15 years, SAP has been celebrating October as the Month of Service (MOS) where SAP employees can pick and choose multiple projects where they can volunteer and help the world run better.

To kick off the MOS 2019, we had this big red heart placed at the entrance of our SAP Labs India building today (24th Sep).


And that’s what I thought it is - a big red heart signifying the joy of giving. However, if you zoom the picture, you will note that there are numerous small hearts pinned to the big heart. Each small heart has a number. And each number is representative of a wish that has been written by the children of the SAP support staff. You can pick any random number and add your employee ID to it. This means that you pledge to fulfill the wish of that child whose number you picked. The MOS team sends you an email with the wish and how to fulfill it.


That number 136 is me. Right there.

I loved the fact that we did not get to pick and choose what to commit. I loved the idea of pledging first and then getting to know what we have to work on. I loved the fact that SAP creates these volunteer experiences that matter and resonate during the SAP Global Month of Service. And beyond.

My friends and I chose around 5 numbers and pledged to help whoever the kids are.

This is what made me very, very happy today.