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GIRLsmarts4tech SAP Social Sabbatical Week 1.

My SAP Local Social Sabbatical experience started off great with a cool 2-day intensive experience in our Yaletown, Vancouver office. Meeting new people, lightning fast team building, getting creative and defining a purpose. We did it all and we had fun doing it.

Day 1 was for SAP only. I sat with my teammates, Jeff Gan and Jen Ready, anticipating what was to come. The best parts of the day involved finding our spirit through Jeff’s mad drawing skills, coming together to get untangled, and relearning the importance of communications.

Our team logo graphically captures who we are: an iPhone for technology, the 3 of us as a diverse team, and coding symbols for comp-sci. Then, all 12 of us created a massive human knot by clasping hands every which way and then working together to untangle ourselves without letting go of anyone’s hand. Teamwork at its best. Finally, half of us became Engineers building Lego structures based solely on verbal descriptions from the Architects. We came so close!

Day 2 was even better. We met our UBC teammates: Michelle (the Mentor), Jessica, Mandy, Sally, and Sampoorna (the Coordinators); and we got to use sticky notes, whiteboards and flip charts. I was impressed by their passion, their openness to try new activities with us, and their honesty. We brainstormed challenges and potential solutions, we developed a problem statement and decided on the solution to pursue. Most importantly, everyone participated, everyone listened and everyone was heard. The day ended with us exhausted and enthusiastic about our project.