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Respect - for the Self (individual being) & others (fellow individual beings), including humans. Every piece of creation is unique & hence will be different from you, in more ways than one. Accepting such differences as natural is looking at ‘Life the way it is!’

As a human being, we have got a very short span of life average 69 years. No one is born hating another person because of color, caste, gender, religion or any other variant.  It is we human who creates a difference among us based on another person’s caste, color, religion, or gender.

Even in this small span of life, some of us are bothered about others. Few people take interest in knowing another person’s personal affair. Few of us like to comment upon the physique of a person passing by specially the fat people. Few like to comment upon the dressing style of others. Whereas few are interested in discussing other people’s love affairs.
But, I have a very small question… How does this matter to you? Just ask yourself once… Who doesn’t want to be perfect? Who wants to grow fat? Who wants to grow poor? Who wants to look ugly?

We should keep one thing in mind, that everything is not there in our control. We have got a very small span of life. Utilize this beautiful life by taking care of your loved ones. Utilize it by admiring the nature. Utilize it by making your’ s and other’s life easier. Utilize this life by complementing another person’s work, motivate them and create a positive environment among us. Every person carries some or the other positive thing with them, admire and complement it. Everyone of us must have got one or the other supporting hand in bringing us to this level. One cannot change the world, but one can change the world for one person. So, try to be a similar supportive hand for others.


I think, as a human we should be more concerned about how people act, how they treat each other rather than their gender preferences. Positivity and kindness go to a lot farther than tearing people down and making them feel horrible.

Remember this every day. Be humble, be kind, and most importantly be loving. At the end of the day, God is always going to be in charge. Serve Him by loving those around you and be compassionate and open to those that you find different. The differences shouldn't scare people or make them hateful. Differences should encourage listening ears and open mindsets. Differences should be a chance to learn.

I won’t say, I don't care about anything at all. But I would say I don't care what others are doing with their own life. As long as they aren't hurting me or affecting my life in a negative way, then by all means, I want them to do what they want as every one of us has got our independent life and everyone has the right to enjoy their life. So, Live Your Life and Let Others Live Theirs.