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From 0 to 300 in 5 years - Electrification of the company car fleet @Sap Labs France

Excited, impressed, inspired which attribute best applies to the electrification journey of SAP Labs France? That depends on your perspective.
I experienced a bit of everything at my second visit there.

Visiting Hanno Klausmeier in Mougins (France)

2018: "Time to say goodbye" was the message from Hanno Klausmeier, Managing Director of SAP Labs France, to his employees. From 2019 on he will not accept combustion engines as a company car anymore – at the time a tidy piece to digest. The diesel scandal in 2015 had set the ball rolling. Made clear that classical combustion vehicles have no future. Hanno and team initiated their transformation.

In October 2022 - 4 years after my first visit - I enter the premises - it’s another world.

100 % E-Car Transition

E-cars gliding past me, the parking lot resembles an exhibition site. All brands seem to be represented - multiple e-car types, as well as charging stations are lined up. Randomly a "stinker" in between – a guest, off course - otherwise 100% electric. The entire company car fleet electrified - it has definitely something of future world.

I am Excited by the holistic concept. +100 charging stations, +100 charging@home installations - both from different manufacturers. A total charging capacity of 2.1 MWp, storage: 150 kWh (recycled e-car-batteries), 96 kWp solar e-production and a heat pump system for heating and cooling. Recently I read about something similar named “a state-of-the-art concept” they said. In Mougins (F) it has been implemented.

Wallbox Research

I am Impressed by the speed of the transformation. Within four years, +300 e-cars procured, charging onsite & @home, solar & battery capacity, heating and cooling build-up and digitally integrated. What a great journey, fantastic learnings to grow and scale.

I am Inspired by Hanno’s enthusiasm on how to overcome obstacles with digitization. "If you want to get where you want to go quickly, use software," is a reasonable summary. Digital helpers can help to avoid expensive infrastructure projects and at the same time provide flexibility for legal and business requirements.

My key take away: Digital solutions are in the driving center of the energy transition – orchestration is everything. If you want to scale - re-imagine the process chain. - and better do it across the whole energy transition model.

Parking & charging in the shelter of solar panels

My visit to Mougins taught me especially: if you let go of things that have no future you start an exciting journey into the future.

What do you believe? What is the role of digitization within the energy transition? Any ideas which industries play major roles?