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According to the results of the People Survey 2013, 89% of
SAP employees agree that it is important for SAP to pursue sustainability. 68%
say they actively contribute and integrate sustainability into their daily
work. In Product Support, we have an even higher figure of 92% (agree the
importance) and 77% (actively contribute).

Many of you might also notice that you are already helping
to create positive social, environmental and economic impact. For this, SAP
wants to say thank you. Thank you
for contributing to sustainability and for helping the world run better and
improving people’s lives.

You are invited to
share your personal experience about how you integrate your daily work to
sustainability via joining the “thank you” campaign and you may win a prize. :smile:

Your are invited to join and

- Explore and get inspired by
personal stories of your peers

- Share your story with colleagues
all over the world by participating in a video & photo contest

- “Like" your favorite story

  • Win great prizes

Visit the Video &
Photo Contest Guidelines
for more contest details.

You will not only get recognition from your peers and SAP,
but will also have a chance to win a day driving a fancy e-car such as Tesla (or equivalent
electric vehicle as available through SAP‘s local rental car provider) and
experience exciting sustainable mobility innovation! Alternatively you may
choose to do good to yourself - through a 500€ subsidy to your next bicycle
or good for your community – with a donation of 500€ to a local
. The video or
photo with the highest number of “likes” wins.

Here I also shared my
personal story
from my recent participation to the SAP Social Sabbatical
program as one of the examples and you can see all examples here.

Visit the quicklink /go/thankyou
on the SAP corporate portal and be part !