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Starting into a new year, we are back with the Global Goals Meet Up with three inspiring innovators, who will share their ideas for a better world. The Global Goals Meet Up gives bright minds an opportunity to pitch their ideas and share their visions. All speakers drive innovation while supporting a variety of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Omar Bawa is the Co-Founder & COO of Goodwall, the next generation community for 2 million students and young professionals in 150+ countries. Goodwall connects people to discover opportunities from scholarship to jobs and enables meaningful work life connections in an easy way!

improveMID consists of the three co-founders Marion Riedel, Diana Kovaleva, and Ina Haug. At improveMID they are developing a tool to be able to analyse mental health at work. From their stand point, scalable solutions are needed to ensure mental health at the workplace, where employers can take responsibility for their employees.

As air pollution has become one of the most environmental health threats of our time, innovative ideas are needed. Robert Heinecke is the CEO of Breeze Technologies, and founded the company to help corporations and cities design more efficient and cleaner action plans, based on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Breeze is a leading provider of Environmental Intelligence solution: Air quality sensor, data and analytics!

Join us on Feb 10 and register now.