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Social entrepreneurship with SAP!

How can technology empower communities and bring social good in areas such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, education and public services? That was the challenge proposed during the SAP InnoMarathon, an initiative at SAP Labs Latin America that is bringing together 18 different Social Startups that solve daily basic problems and improve life conditions of their communities.

The competition started last month, when all startups gathered at SAP Labs Latin America to present their pitches. Among the 18 startups is Doador Online, an app that helps potential blood donors, informing them about location and hours of operation of blood banks, donation history and reminder to donate. Alientronics is an IoT startup that wants to reduce pollution by optimizing the disposal of truck tires with the use of sensors, while Tech Scavengers promotes the contact of underprivileged communities with technology, using electronic junk with environmental responsibility to help create equipment that gathers atmospheric information.

During the competition, these and other startups are receiving business support promoted by partner accelerator Ventiur and will be able to use SAP technology to improve and leverage their solutions. Four finalists will be selected and they will receive the first 6 months of free incubation at the Technology Incubator of Tecnosinos. In addition, the winning team will also receive equipment to improve their office!

Let's improve people's lives!

Matheus Souza


SAP Labs Latin America