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“The only true disability is the inability to accept and respect differences”



Most of us would like to believe that ignorance is bliss, but it is high time for us to accept and include everyone in our world irrespective of their abilities. Change starts with us and this Month of Service, SAP CSR in association with Giftabled conducted a Mass Sensitization workshop at SAP Labs, Bangalore. The ten-minute workshop enabled our employees to experience the challenges faced by differently abled people.

The unique, fun-filled workshop imparted knowledge towards disability sensitization and helped participants understand and interact with People with Disability and made them more aware. The various aspects that were covered during the workshop:

  • Myths on Disability

  • Teaches delegates the correct way to speak and interact with People with Disability

  • Intro to Sign Language and Braille

  • Experiencing the Disability

  • Appropriate communicate

  • Creating inclusive work space


Over 110 employees participated in the workshop. They were educated by the differently abled people on how they use technologies like screen readers and accessibility features in applications. This was extremely essential for our employees as they realized how accessibility is not just a mandatory guideline for software development. It was essential for our applications to be used by everyone.

Within just ten minutes, employees also learnt letters in Sign Language! This was a unique experience which was very well received by all our employees. At the end of five minutes people could explain their names along with basics like “Hello”, “What is your name?” and “Thank you” in sign language.

Giftabled also organizes activities like Cricket with visually impaired, special wheelchair assembly and donation, product making with differently-abled artists, and creating tactile libraries. To conduct a CSR workshop for your team or LoB with respect to Inclusion please contact Manjumol Saleesh (C5228847) from the CSR team.