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A U.S. Non-Profit Streamlines Production and Strengthens Quality Control with SAP Business One, Donated by SAP Corporate Social Responsibility and Implemented through Softengine

Providence, Rhode Island — March 2, 2016 — Edesia, a U.S. non-profit dedicated to treating and preventing malnutrition in the world’s most vulnerable children, has implemented SAP Business One in their plans for exponential growth and expanded reach.  Faced with the need to integrate disparate systems and enhance efficiencies across its supply chain, Edesia turned to SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, whose mission is to support the growth of social enterprises like Edesia, to tackle society’s most pressing challenges through innovative business and technology models. With the help of SAP gold partner Softengine, Edesia is now able to combine all critical business processes in one solution, allowing them to maintain focus on feeding malnourished children.

With different systems running finance, quality, production, shipping and the like, Edesia lacked the ability to comprehensibly pull data from all solutions in one report, making it difficult for teams to make informed decisions. With SAP Business One’s robust ERP functionality and the combination of Softengine’s Food One template, the intuitive system provides real-time access to all data, providing complete visibility into the entire production process. This technology allows Edesia to reduce costs while remaining flexible enough with operations to continue the fight in eradicating malnutrition across the globe.  

“SAP has allowed us to run more effectively and efficiently by restructuring our operations,” said Navyn Salem, Founder & CEO, Edesia. “SAP’s CSR team shares our dedication to improving the quality of life for youth, and with their help, we will be able to reach more children in our expanded facility. Our passion is made possible through this technology that evolves with us, giving us the room we need to grow and support our efforts in fighting the crisis of malnutrition around the world. In 2015, Edesia reached 1 million children. In our new factory, we will be able to double our reach to as many as 2 million children each year.”

“Edesia’s success relies on their ability to manufacture life-saving, ready to use foods, for the world’s malnourished children, as efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, Edesia needed the ability to manage and visualize the production planning process and create reports in real-time,” said Luis Murguia, Global SAP Business One President.Now Edesia, with help from Softengine and the SAP Business One software solution, can respond even quicker to children in need, in some of the world’s most difficult and hard to reach areas.’’

Leading Industry analysts agree SAP Business One is the simple solution for small and midsize enterprises.  “Organizations of all sizes, including non-profits, share the need for comprehensive understanding of internal operations and their external supply chain. SAP Business One provides a single, integrated solution specifically built, packaged and priced for small and midsize firms.  The product's 50,000 customers and the next generation workforce they employ benefit from a resource that is affordable, easy to deploy and effective across industry and size categories,” said Ray Boggs, VP SMB research at IDC.

For more information, watch the Edesia video and read more about the full story here.