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SAP is committed to help the world run better and improve people's lives. SAP is contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The event "Health Awareness Session with Rag-pickers" is inline with UN's Sustainable Development Goal of "Good Health and Well-Being" (SDG#3 ). SAP CSR and ChangeMakers collaborated for this event.

Background and Context:

The rag-pickers, the people who collects and sells rags, are the people who help us in keeping the city clean. During this event we got the opportunity to speak to the rag-picker community. We learned more about the work they do and how they segregate the collected material. What are the challenges they have with their work? We visited the site where they live and work. We saw the huge pile of plastic bottles and glass bottles. These piles of plastics and glasses made me wonder the amount of plastic we are generating with our regular activities. We need to really work to control usage of plastic to save our planet. These rag-pickers are doing a wonderful job by segregating all the waste material and put them up for recycling.

What we, as CSR Ambassadors, do?

Rag-pickers do all the work without enough protective gears. All these work are done with bare hands. They deal with all kind of hazardous objects like metals, glass etc. Getting injured due to broken metals, broken glass are quite common. There is a huge lack of awareness on safety measures and hygiene practice.

During our conversation, we tried to educate them on the consequences of not using any protective gears and not following hygiene practice. We explained that how taking required safety measures will help them and their family to stay safe and healthy. We distributed 100 pair of safety gloves and 3M air purifying masks to them. While we distributed the gloves and masks we encouraged them to use them on regular basis. Rag-pickers assured us that going forward they are going to wear those gloves and masks.

SAP Imperatives:

Our enduring purpose at SAP is to improve people’s lives. Public health and health care seeking behavior can greatly be positively impacted with the support of our talent pool. SAP is a part of #IMPACT2030 – a corporate volunteering action towards #GlobalGoals. The employee volunteering through CSR initiatives aimed at sustainable healthy practices. We endeavored to contribute to SDG#3 Good Health and Well-being.