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Serving Students; donating servers, improving careers

Once again the teams within SAP have generously donated their hardware, when they no longer could use it. The SAP Corporate Social Responsibility team helps find new users for SAP technology from our software programs to hardware donations. This quarter the Global Labs Development Systems team based in Palo Alto donated 27 servers to the STRIDE center and ReliaTeach. The servers that were donated to these programs were utilized as training tools for some of the interns at ReliaTech that were also students in their Server+, Network+ and Security+ courses.


The donation enables hands-on experience for the hardware aspects of the courses. The students were able to disassemble/dismantle, analyze and in some cases troubleshoot theoretical scenarios and situations at the ReliaTech facility. SAP CSR is always looking for partners who need hardware donations, for technology items other than laptops (which are always in high demand). We’re so pleased to be able to help partners such as ReliaTeach in achieving more. Clifford Lewis Director of Refurbishing and Recycling at ReliaTeach, further emphasized why CSR is important saying, “It’s companies like SAP that help us continue to strive to achieve our mission and goals within the communities we serve.”