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For years, Marcius Victorino and Marcelo Machado have researched and developed products to fight malaria, jungle fever and pests in agriculture. The breakthrough came in 2010 with a simple, effective, and affordable solution: MOTOFOG. The solution was designed for motorcycles, allowing the control and prevention of disease bearing mosquitoes and other vectors in urban and agricultural areas of difficult access that cars usually do not get to such as slums, hills, alleys, vacant lots, and junkyards.

Take a look at this video and you’ll understand how brilliant the idea of MOTOFOG is:

Since then, Marcius Victorino and Marcelo Machado have established their small company Fumajet in the market with national and international recognition of excellence. The company works with the public and private sectors and owns together with its partners 14 patents in Brazil and other countries. Fumajet has also sparked the interest of  potential customers in Africa with the same objective in mind – fighting epidemics and pests under difficult conditions at an affordable cost. To foster their growth ambitions and potential, Fumajet was selected together with four other social entrepreneurs in 2014 for SAP Expoentes – SAP’s emerging entrepreneur program in Brazil.

The program is run together with Endeavor, one of the main organizations worldwide to promote entrepreneurship. “High-impact companies like Fumajet are the change engines of a country. In addition to solving a big problem by delivering value to society, they create jobs and generate income for many families. With mentoring support and SAP technology, the potential of these entrepreneurs is raised to the maximum" said Enio Borges, account manager of the SAP Expoentes initiative at Endeavor Brazil.

A little over a month ago, Fumajet started to run its business on SAP’s Business One solution for small and midsize companies, implemented by Artsoft Sistemas, a SAP Partner. Despite this relatively short period of time, Marcelo Machado is already noticing the benefits. According to him, before the SAP management solution had been deployed, all internal processes – mainly in the production, inventory and warehouse areas – were slow and bureaucratic. "SAP Business One helps the communication among the areas, which means to integrate all processes in a smart way. Now, the company´s all sectors communicate and we can visualize all processes faster and in a more productive way," says Marcelo Machado. The SAP management solution has also optimized the Fumajet productivity by reducing the time for checking material inventories. "Now, we have quick and reliable information on the company´s inventories to make important business decisions. Before, it was required to use manual and constant checks, which demanded a lot of time from the employees," the entrepreneur explains.

Another highlight of 2014 for Fumajet was that they have recently been honored with the Innovation Award FINEP 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in the country. "This achievement was only possible thanks to the hard work and support of our partnerships, including the mentorship provided by the program and the benefits brought about by the implementation of the SAP solution," said Marcelo Machado, director at Fumajet.

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