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SAP has always been very active in encouraging employees to participate in CSR activities. One of the recent engagement initiatives was with Empower Ananya - an NGO, who's vision is to build a community of dynamic, intelligent, accomplished, and employable graduates, particularly women, who influence the society in diverse fields.

As educated individuals and responsible citizens, we consider supporting people across the country with what best we can. And, knowledge is the best thing that we can share.

The engagement with Empower Ananya was a grand success.

We witnessed about 1000 students being trained for 32 hours, on various topics ranging from cyber security to choosing various career options.

SAP provided us with a platform to connect to people who really needed our support in gaining that extra knowledge that's not a part of our textbooks. We joined hands with Ananya in bridging the gap between college and corporate by imparting skills in core technology.

All the volunteers had a feeling of contentment and self-satisfaction at the end of this session. We also received positive feedback from the students.

Comments like "We can't get this information anywhere else." or "I didn't know that I'd be a technical writer someday." encouraged us even more. It's wonderful when we realize that we're adding value to someone's lives. Even if it's a teeny-tiny bit.

Thanks to SAP for constantly providing us with wonderful opportunities and for encouraging, and helping us do our bit for the society.

Here’s what some of the volunteers had to share -

It was a great opportunity to interact with students, the sessions were highly interactive and interesting, it was a great learning from both the sides. Thanks a lot to SAP CSR and Ananya for the amazing experience. Looking forward to more such activities.  - Roohi Afza

I will feel happy to take different sessions as I get the satisfaction that I am contributing something to the community who are not privileged. Good to see rising stars from students who have been benefitted through Ananya. Sincerity & organizing ability of Mahalakshmi madam & other staffs also inspire me to take more sessions.                      - Balasubramaniyan Krithivasan

Interacting with young minds is always a pleasure. The innovative ideas they come up with are inspiring. SAP and team Ananya have always provided us with such great opportunities to teach and learn with a lot of students from across India. It’s a pleasure collaborating with them. - Mohammed Nadeem Shaik

Great to see energy & confidence level and their commitment towards learning and grow in their career. - Deepak Jindal

Thank you Roopa Ravikumar and Sushma Shivaraj for leading this noble activity. Great to see the positive mindset from the students. Personally, I enjoyed a lot. This also helped me in networking.      - Prakash Karkihallimath

In these unprecedented times we are still able to connect and share the learnings.  Its beautiful start for me as a trainer!! I am looking forward for more such events.                        - Sowmya H

Here's a big shoutout to all the volunteers.

Thanks for stepping forward and taking out time to share the light of knowledge with others and helping in empowering young girls across the country.

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Communication Skills Rowllah T Basheera and Tanvir Singh
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Future of Work Prakash Karkihallimath and Sudakshina Ghosh